Not only is this illustration a bit disturbing, but this article offers a nice view into how the graphic went viral…. digital bread crumbs. From Tumblr to TV: How our #Starbucks ‘Trenta’ graphic became an online hit | Editors | National Post.

I think we will see more creative things like this use of profile pics to spell out a phrase. How long will this one last? How long would you last as a B? I guess I could do B, or C…. But some seemingly random letter would last long. That raises the question, are these […]

There is some interesting thinking here, I agree with most of this article. I get ideas in the strangest places, in the shower, car, walking down the street, spacing out in my coffee, during my second beer, trying a new scotch, climbing a mountain…. you’ll notice that the places I can think of first don’t […]

Motorola asks ITC, two federal courts to throw book at Apple. Litigation has never looked so good….. Anyway, I find the most interesting thing in this viz to be Nokia’s involvement…. Where else are they these days anyway?

I came across this post on Motionographer through the After Effects listserve. I really love the editing. This video really nails it. Seb. from Shueti rocks this beautifully shot and edited piece for the IRC Dance Movement | Motionographer | Motion graphics, design, animation, filmmaking and visual effects.

Taken from space! There is some very cool time lapse imagery here…. It really can get you thinking about the ‘big’ picture…. Astronaut’s Eye View: Time-Lapse Videos of Earth | Wired Science |

Profitable sweet spot for startups.

People are looking at the chart BP used in their press conference about how much progress they are making on cleaning up. Showing cumulative amounts in the chart can look very misleading as we can see in the linked posts. Dashboard 1 Powered by Tableau The original Stephen Few Post

Wired Science post that show a very cool 4x speed video….. The video is here

This is an interesting and entertaining color survey….. At least it seems people cried out for help during a perhaps too long survey, I find this interesting for that study in itself but the color names people come up with are great. xkcd.