I recently read Ed Catmull’s book “Creativity, Inc.” It has to be one of the best business books I have ever read. It reads more like a story than a business text. You might expect this if you think about it. By the end, I was wondering why more companies are not run this way. […]

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DailyTech – Apple's New iBooks 2, iBooks Author Apps Hit 440,000 Downloads Combined in First 3 Days. Short and sweet… iTunes U started it all…. Quietly sitting there waiting to get noticed. Now iPads and other eReaders can be seen all over. I have one. There are 3 in my house. My mom has at […]

  Now this is killer! Lots of stuff here…. Created by Shepard Design for SEOmoz   How to Search Engine Optimize a Blog [Infographic].

Just a 360 vr of a Space Shuttle cockpit. Switch heaven….   Space Shuttle Discovery – 360VR Images.

This an interesting article on engagement. The more people give of their time and effort without making them do it (micro efforts) for long or really thinking about it… the more people will do it.   http://www.wired.com/magazine/2011/06/ff_gamed/

  This is a top 10 list that is helpful to remember for both personal and business lives. Basically, we all need to slow down a little more , think a little more and be more in the moment.   Ten Principles To Live By In Fiercely Complex Times | Fast Company. BY FC EXPERT […]

This is great, new vendors and old….. nearby… rumble??   With Food Trucks Coming to Fenway, What Will Happen to the Sausage Vendors? — Grub Street Boston.    

  Now I understand where MS fails…. They don’t understand who their customer is. Market researchers take notice. And we are all marketers.   The Carriers Are Not Your Customers: The Windows Phone 7 Update Mess | Epicenter | Wired.com.

  In case you are wondering, 2.9% of the 12% of internet users are still using Internet Exploder 6. This is down 9% from the previous year. Personally, I think dropping support for this 10 YEAR old browser is long overdue.   I think the map created for this IE6 countdown is pretty cool too. […]