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I help people who have ideas and projects that they need to bring to life visually. I can streamline production and create workflows as well as efficiently create animations and interactive projects. ps. I've been creating more of a presence on Google+ and have moved away from a blog hosted here... check it out.

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a testimonial

"Chris Bator is my #1 go-to designer for interactive projects, web design, animation and flash. His imaginatively rich information design sensibilities "inform" his vast technical skill set, and vice versa. Chris is collaborative, innovative, problem-solving and dedicated to "make great" any project he takes on. It's almost like cheating to have Chris on the job. Highly, highly recommended!"

testimonial by Dave Nugent, long term client - Cogent Legal - ADR & Litigation Visual Presentation Consultant, Sr. Producer & Design Director

interactive & motion graphics

    Over 10 years of experience creating effective projects including:
  • corporate presentations and websites
  • motion graphics and video editing
  • small business new media marketing
  • technology tutorials
  • interactive timelines

Small business social media and internet marketing with a focus on creating sustainable programs for busy startups.
Services often include:
  • html email marketing
  • website design
  • new business presentations
  • portfolio development


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